Why my Bitcoin Transaction is Stuck? How to Confirm your Unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction?(With out any technical language)

Yesterday when BTC was going down and BCH was a hype I sent my BTC to some one which remained a Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction 

Are you checking your transaction again and again and finding it stuck on Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction from a long time but you need that transaction to be Unstuck.

Today I will tell you 2 things regarding the same topic.

  1. Why your transaction is Stuck?
  2. How to Unstuck your transaction?
  • Why your transaction is stuck?

Ans:- The main reason behind your unstuck Bitcoin transaction is only the Fee.

Relate the above line as you are going to a broker to buy a land, More the fee is the process will be fast. So more the fee of the transaction is, the fast the process will .

If you want the transaction to be fast just increase the fee to 250 to 300 sat/byte.

If the price of the BTC increases day by day the fee should be increased by you day by day as the miner set the value of the value of sat/b as the fee fee below the limit will not be taken by the block and the transaction will remain Unconfirmed.

  • How to Unstuck your Bitcoin transaction?

Ans:- If you are a Technical guy and know almost everything about Bockchain then there s no problem if your fee is low as there are some methods which need some skills by which you can increase your transaction fees easily.

But I am not that much technical guy so I will share my methods which I use to Unstuck my transaction and use almost every time after the as soon as the transaction is signed.

2 Best free methods available that makes your transaction to get confirmed easily.

  1. ConfirmTX:-

ConfirmTX is a bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to get faster confirmations on your unconfirmed transactions.

It is the website which allow the user to accelerate his/her transaction for free if the transaction is below than 500 byte.

They charge $4 for the transaction above 500bytes but if the transaction is not processed in 12hrs the full refund of $4 will be processed.

Just copy your TransactionID from BLOCKCHAIN and paste it to Confirmtx your transaction ill be quied.

This is the website fully dedicated to people who are unaware of the process of fee and send Bitcoins with low or even no fee.

Refund process takes about 3-4 hrs (personal experience may vary).

Support Centre:- Awesome (reply in 1hr)

Overall Score:-10/10

Note:- This is the most recommended website for accelerating Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction.

  2.Via BTC:-

ViaBTC is the mining pool which allows people to invest in their mining and get some hashing power to earn BTC.

There is accelerator in the website which allows random people to accelerate there transaction by there own miners.

There is only 1 drawback of this website which is the website only allows 100 submissions per hour which means you have to come right at the start of the hours there are too many people doing the same process to confirm there transaction as soon as possible.

So I recommend you to go for the 1st method.

Overal score:-8/10

There are some paid methods too but no one likes to send money on the work which can be done free.

If you used any of the method tell me about your experience in the comments below.


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