What is Electroneum? Is Electroneum a Scam? How it is Better than Bitcoin?

Today I will tell you almost every thing about Electroneum (Predictions, Scam or legit, How to Invest).

What is Electroneum?

Ans:- Electroneum is a Cryptocurrency based on its own Bitcoin derived Blockchain technology. Electroneum Claims to be the ‘world’s easiest technical cryptocurrency’.

The name of the company having Electroneum as a crypto currency is ‘Electron’. They started doing work on their own cryptocurrency back in 2015 which later on named as ‘Electroneum’

Electroneum is specifically created to capture 3 types of main markets in the world:-

  1. Mobile market (2.2 billion).
  2. Gaming Platforms (1.6 billion).
  3. Gambling market (approx. 2 billion).

Currently Electroneum is in the ICO phase and will be in the block chain from 1 NOV 2017.

Electroneum claims to be the most common cryptocurrency of all time.

Most of the people see Bitcoin as a Investment opportunity, but Electroneum claims to be both investment opportunity and a Payment option in which payment will be made by a User friendly app made by Electroneum.

Now in the word ‘common’ Mining is a big question.

How a normal guy with no technical knowledge and investment can Mine Electroneum?

Ans. Well The company has a answer to that too, Makers of Electroneum will release a free mobile app in the App store and Google play store to which will use your mobile hardware to mine crypto currency in background.

It means No electricity cost, No hardware cost and you still are a miner.

How Electroneum is better than Bitcoins?

Ans. Well answer to this is really simple,

As we told you earlier the coin is based on different blockchain derived from Bitcoin’s Blockchain. The coin has a total supply of 21 Billion coins and and decreases the decimal point to 2, which provides the feeling of a fiat currency.

You know how when you send a small amount of bitcoin and it looks like “0.0001264”? Electroneum plans to offer a more approachable, understandable transaction amount by having a total supply that’s significantly higher than bitcoin (bitcoin has an supply of 21 million).

Is Electroneum legit or scam?

Ans:- Electroneum white paper tells that the developers of the company are experienced team of software developers having the experience of more than 20 years in the same field.

The team is lead by Richard Ellis, who has 20 years of experience running a Digital company called sitewizard from 2013.

In 2013, Ellis founded Retortal. As CEO of Retortal, Ellis offers social media marketing to various companies – including Fortune 500 companies like Herbalife and Avon. Retortal is valued at over $50 million USD today, and the software is used daily by hundreds of thousands of people.

The name of the company having Electroneum as a crypto currency is ‘Electron’. They started doing wok on their own cryptocurrency back in 2015 which later on named as ‘Electroneum’.

Is it legit?

Ans.Yes Off course! It’s purely based on UK’s concept of cryptocurrency. Its just the first move by any digital currency to get the full use of the major mobile industry of the world.

Products Offered By Electroneum?


  • A New ‘Electroneum’ Block chain.
  • A app based wallet that will help people to buy goods in exchange of the currency totally decentralised with low fees.
  • App based mining toll to earn electreum with out any investment and any type of electrical knowledge.
  • Mining pool software (Electroneum runs this software to make mining easier; the software is open source and allows users to develop their own pools)
  • A Windows miner, where you can leave your PC mining for more coins at home or the office
  • A windows and a mac paper wallet importing software.

As of now the currency is in ICO phase and will go live on 1 Nov at 00:00.

Should I Invest in Electroneum?


Well I am not a Investment or Financial advisor.

But because of the working of the app and the publicity made by the mobile mining will help a lot to the investors to double their money in the short time.

So If you are thinking of Investing on Electroneum, The best time is now.

Go to Electroneum’s website sighn up and invest before it goes live.

If you buy from our website’s link you will get 1% extra which we will donate to our readers.

How can I buy Electroneum?


  • Sign up Here:- Electroneum.com.
  • Select the currency you want to Buy Electroneum. (I prefer Bitcoin Or Ethereum)
  • Click Buy Electroneum With Bitcoin Or Ethereum (Your selection).
  • Send the desired amount to the address that will display on your screen.
  • After payment Select transfer Confirmed.
  • Your wallet will be funded.

When should I buy?

Ans. Any Time, Any where, Anonymously.

What is your prediction of the price?

Ans. As a Investor, The price of the coin will not affect me at the start but the price can be about 1 to 1.5 Dollars after 5-6 years so I will hold it for about 5 years to x500 on my investment today.

Here is a prototype of the app which will be launched after going live.


I missed something? Feel free to ask me in the comments section.

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