List Of Legit Websites To Buy Bitcoins Directly From Fiat Currencies.

There are tons of websites which allows you to buy Bitcoins in 2017 but I will tell you the websites which I am using personally from the last 4 years to buy/sell Bitcoins.

List Of Websites To Buy Bitcoins Online.


  • Pros:-  1 .Let you buy Bitcoins both directly with your credit card.Image result for coinbase

2.Established reputation in the cryptocurrency world.

3. A lovely UI.

Cons:-  1. Available for very less countries.

2. Bank wire transfer takes 4-5 days to reflect in you Coinbase account.

Support Centre:- Takes 3-4 days to respond which is awful if there is a critical situation as a buyer.

BUY BITCOINS FROM COINBASE                                       Overall score:- 8/10.


CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

  • Pros:- 1. You can access and buy Bitcoin from almost any where in the world because this website supports 80% of the countries of the world.

2. They have the most fast service available in the world as they specialise the payment through credit cards.

3. Once you are verified there is no limit to buy bitcoin in one day but you can only buy bitcoins worth of $20000/month which is not a big deal.

  • Cons:- 1. They take 10% fees for their services.
  • Support Centre:- I am quite impressed with there support as they replies with in 12hrs of query submission.

BUY BITCOINS FROM COINMAMA                              Overall Score:- 8/10



Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

  • Pros:- 1. Allows you to buy and sell bitcoin at one place.

2. Accepts both credit cards, debit cards and if you are from United States or Great Britain you can also withdraw your funds to the same card.

3. If you are a traveller like me then there is no need to worry as supports 90% countries of the world.

4. You can buy unlimited amount of bitcoin from the website if you are a pro verified member which means no day or monthly limits.

5. One of the most reputed exchange of the world.

  • Cons:- 1. This website takes 7% off the fees of every transaction which is a bit high.
  • Support Centre:- Nice Support centre reply with in 24hrs or query submission.

BUY BITCOINS FROM CEX.IO                                       Overall score:- 9/10                                     


Pros:- 1. Various payment methods available which includes (Wire transfer, Credit card, Debit card, Netellar, SEPA, Amazon gift card, skrill.)

2. Really awesome service provider for a European consumer.

3. Not only Bitcoin buy this website allows you to buy LTC, ETH and DASH too.

  • Cons:- 1. The exchange only supports European Euro to trade Which means this website is limited for EU customers only.

2. Prices are bit high when compared to other exchanges which shoes that the hidden fees is in the exchange rates.

  • Support Centre:- As its for EU customers only so the traffic is less than others so the support centre is quite awesome.

BUY BITCOINS FROM BITPANDA.                                          Overall Score:-7/10


  • Pros:- 1. This website supports almost every country in the world including Pakistan which means no matter where you are residing you can buy bitcoins from almost every where in the world.

2. No need of verification process just click the link above or below and start investing.

3.  Only credit card and debit card is the payment method available on this exchange.

4.  Send purchased BTC directly to the address as soon as the transaction occurs.

  • Cons:- 1. The only drawback is the high price or hidden fees in the price of the exchange.

2. New in the market so don’t have enough reputation.

  • Support Centre:-  Well to be honest I din’t faced any problem in this till now will update if i contacted them.

BUY BITCOINS FROM INDACOIN                                            Overall Score:- 7/10


There are dozens of more exchanges than these but these were the best for me available in the market.

if you have some tell me in the comments below I will update them.

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