Investment Strategy for Electroneum.

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If you are here you must know about the hype of the ICO named as Electroneum.>
Small overview about Electroneum (If you don’t know)!

Electroneum is a Cryptocurrency based on its own Bitcoin derived Blockchain technology. Electroneum Claims to be the ‘world’s easiest technical cryptocurrency’.

Electroneum is specifically created to capture 3 types of main markets in the world:-

  1. Mobile market (2.2 billion).
  2. Gaming Platforms (1.6 billion).
  3. Gambling market (approx. 2 billion).

At this time you are late as the ICO phase is over and Phase 3 (Blockchain entrance is going to come), You should be ready for that just Forget about ICO if you missed it.

This is a huge opportunity which you should resist if you want to be rich quickly.


Investment Strategy For Electroneum.

  • Few days ago Electroneum was in a ICO phase, Hope you didn’t thought it was SCAM and invested in it.
  • But if you didn’t invested its not a major problem, but if you want to make some money, be ready as soon as the phase 3 starts (1st NOV) you have to buy maximum number of coins you can buy.
  • People like you who have missed the ICO phase will buy the Electroneum rapidly as soon as it’s  landed to exchanges so be ready to buy because the price will goto the moon for 1 to 3 days of the Phase 3.
  • Expected rise is about $(0.2-0.3) which is more than 2x return on my investment.
  • After the expected I will sell my 80% of coins and will make my 20% to stay in exchange for long term.
  • Don’t be greedy if you get the ROI more than 2x just sell 80%.
  • I am pretty sure that there will be a massive and a rapid drop in the price of Electroneum. The reason behind the drop will be that everyone will start selling there coins having a profit of 2x or 3x.
  • So you need to be patient till the price go up and sell as soon as you earn 2x profit.

>Points to Remember (If you are going to use my technique):-

  1. If you have used the phase 2 and bought desired Elecroneum, Send those to the exchange as soon the phase 3 starts.
  2. If you missed the phase 2 exchange your BTC to electroneum as soon as the phase start.
  3. Don’t be greedy as you don’t know when the massive drop will occur. So sell your 80% coins when you hit 2x profit on investment.
  4. Save that 20% coins as a long term investment.

Hope you will earn big with my technique and will spread the same by sharing this post.

If you also got some kind of strategy about crypto feel free to share in the comments below.


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