Step by Step Guide of Making Bitcoin Paper Wallet.

If you are a Investor and want to invest in cryptocurrencies for long term then you should not trust any kind of online wallet or any web wallet. The only free way to overcome this is making a free Bitcoin Paper Wallet.

Today I will show you how to make Bitcoin Paper wallet (Cold Storage) for Cryptocurrencies.


Make sure you have these items before the tutorial starts:-

  1. Internet Connection.
  2. Paper.
  3. InkJet Printer.

Now you are ready to make a Bitcoin Paper Wallet.

Here we go:-

  1. Open A Bitcoin Paper Wallet

2. Save this page by Cntrl+S button on your Desktop.

3. Switch off your internet connection for high security.

4. After switching off your internet connection open the Saved Webpage.

5. For generating the paper wallet move your mouse gently on that page and after 1 minute a paper wallet will be generated.6. After the completion the Bitcoin Wallet will appear with a private key.

7. There is a option Paper wallet next to Single wallet click that.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet

8. After clicking you will see 3 different wallets having 3 different private keys.

9. You are in need to generate only one bitcoin wallet for that change Addresses per page and Addresses to generate to 1.


10. Next step is to click on the print and print the file using your printer.

11.After printing cut the main part of the page and keep it safe, secure.

Now you are done you created a Bitcoin paper wallet. The main threat to your security is your Internet which have all the information about what you are doing around your Laptop.

So we made this with out internet connection afterwards.

For more secure Authentication let’s move a step further.

If you switch on the BIP38 encryption option there will one more layer of authentication to your private key.

By using this you encrypt the private key with a decent passphrase.

It means if any one got your private key or your private key is stolen he/she can’t access your bitcoins with out the passphrase entered by you.

To switch on BIP38 encryption, enter a passphrase, and click Generate.

And your BIP38 Encrypted Paper wallet is ready.

How to top up your Bitcoin Paper wallet?

For that you need to open your web wallet and send the BTC to the Pubic address of the paper wallet.

Any question?

Do comment I will reply you with the answer.

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