How To Get Free Bitcoin Gold (BTG) During the fork.

In this article I will not discuss about the technical terms and forks, I will be discussing How to make the maximum amount of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) from the fork.

I will use the term fork as ‘split’ for better explanation.Image result for bitcoin gold

When the split occurs the Blockchain is divided by two groups (BTC(bitcoin core)& BTU(Bitcoin Unlimited)).

How To get the same amount of bitcoin after the split in the form of Bitcoin Gold.

Yesss!! Your BTC will be doubled.

(Only the nmber of BTC will be Doubled.)

You can only have access to your BTG if you hold the private keys of your BTC.

During the spit the same blockchain is separated into 2 chains which will lead to double your coins in the numbers not in the value.

You can only hold the private keys of your wallet if you have and hardware or software wallet(no web wallets).

I am recommending you to make paper wallet over hardware wallet as its free where as ledger will cost you around 90 bucks.
Here is the :-

Step by Step Guide of Making Bitcoin Paper Wallet.

Image result for bitcoin paper wallet After setting the entire paper wallet just send those saved BTC to your paper wallet and wail till for.

Now you hold the bitcoins and the private keys of your wallet which means no one can actually steal your coins (BTC or BTG).

Now wait till end of NOV until the rush and scams to Bitcoin Gold (BTG) settle down go.

Then check your wallet details on the block chain address of the BTG (will provide you the link as soon as the fork happens).

VOILA! You are awarded with free Bitcoin Gold (BTG) by following the same method I used during BCC.


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