How to buy Bitcoins In India Through NEFT (With out any technical knowledge).

You can easily Buy Bitcoins In India as India is one of the most fast developing countries in the world and accepting every kind of technology.

About 2 years ago it was really very hard to find a legit and fast medium to buy Bitcoins from India, But now its different.

There are many exchanges in India but legit and fast are very less among these.

So today we will discuss :-

How To Buy Bitcoins In India

Today I will tell and review you my personal experience by using 3 most trusted websites of India where you can buy unlimited bitcoins through NEFT.

Those websites where you can buy Bitcoins in India are:-

  1. Unocoin (BTC/INR Exchange).
  2. Zebpay (Mobile app.)
  3. Pocketbits (Alt Coin Exchange also).

Small Review of each website where you can buy Bitcoins In India:-

1. Unocoin:- 

It is India’s most promising exchange having a user base of 2,00,000 users all over the India. Some of the pros and cons of this website is listed below.

  • Pros:-
  1. You can buy bitcoins from both app and website.
  2. Security option consist of Google authenticator and inbuilt paper wallet.
  3. Very low fees (0.7 to 1)%.
  4. You can recharge your mobile or top up your Indian web wallet through Bitcoins.
  5. If you have a website where you want to offer bitcoins as one of the form of payment to your customers, you can use Unocoin payment gateway option as your payment method and recieve BTC or equivalent INR in your Unocoin wallet.
  •   Cons:-
  1. Nothing much but Hidden fees in the price of BTC.

Support Centre:-

You don’t need to email or wait for the reply of the email because they have an awesome customer support the customer care number is given at the top left side of the website.

Overall Score:- 9/10

You can buy Bitcoins from Unocoin Easily

2. Zebpay:-Image result for zebpay

Its a first successful mobile app based exchange where you can buy bitcoins in India. Acc. to the website Zebpay crossed 1,000,000 Indian users in August 2017.Below are some pro’s and con’s of the Bitcoin.

  • Pro’s:-
  1. This is the most simple app to buy Bitcoin in India. Actually a award winning app for simplicity and its user friendly UI.
  2. Low fees about 1-2% according to T&c.
  3. Instant withdrawals.
  4. Till date 2 forks were happened with BTC they supported both and promise to do so again if happened.
  • Con’s:- 
  1. You can only exchange INR to BTC on there mobile app as they do not allow you to buy BTC on the website
  2. there is a 1.2% deduction using payment gateway net banking as a payment option.
  3. App lags many times even on iPhone 7.

Support Centre:- They do have a customer care number and a email support which is quite decent, Hence a good Support for a Customer.

Overall Score:- 8/10

  3.PocketBits (BETA):-Image result for pocketbits

This is the only website of India in which you can buy  Bitcoins in India and then you can also trade those BTC with other Alt Coins. Below are the some Cons and the pros of  Pocketbits.

  • Pros:-
  1. The KYC is too damn fast your KYC will be done in 2-4hrs but if its not a business day it can take time too.
  2. The awesome concept of exchange of fiat currency and BTC exchange in one place is awesome and i tried it 4times it runs smooth.
  3. Reasonable buying rates and the fees is only 1% of the buying amount.
  • Cons:-
  1. The website is working good but it’s still in a beta version.
  2. I don’t recommend you to sell your BTC on this app as the selling price of the BTC is low compared to Unocoin.
  3. They were promising of launching there app in June 2017 but the app is not listed on play store since Oct.
  4. You can only Buy Bitcoins in India on Website as there is no app available.

Support Centre:- The support Centre is actually good but the reply takes about 24hrs but surely they will resolve your problem.

Overall Score:- 8/10


If you know some website that you used and fully satisfied let me know in the comments I will list it soon.

Happy Investing.











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