How to Buy Ethereum in India directly from Indian Debit/Credit Cards?

Hello Readers! If you want to buy Ethereum directly from your Indian debit or credit card, But you are frustrated because you are unable to find any exchange that supports Indian Payment card.

No Problem,

In this article I will tell you:-

How to Buy Ethereum Directly from your Debit or credit card..

  • You have to sign up in the following exchanges to buy Ethereum hassle free from your payment card.
  • I will provide you a Short Review and a Step by Step Guide to buy Ethereum directly from your Payment card.

Lists Of Websites That Allows You To Buy Ethereum Directly From Your Credit/Debit Cards. (INDIA)

  1. CEX.IO
  2. Coinmama
  3. Changelly

If you are a Investor already then you can exchange your bitcoins or any other crypto easily by going to Changelly.


  • Buy Bitcoins with Credit CardPros:-
  1. CEX.IO is the world’s first website that allows you to buy Ethereum directly from your Debit/credit card.
  2. You can buy Ethereum in Bulk i.e as much Ethereum you want in 1 transaction.
  3. If you are traveler like me then also there is no problem as this website supports 99% of the countries in the world.
  4. You don’t have to wait till some one comes and sells their ETH to you just click buy and your account will be credited.(No waiting orders)
  5. A very Good UI.
  • Cons:-
  1. The only drawback is this they take 7% fee for a single transaction. But it’s genuine as the service they are providing since 2013 is far better than every website in the world.
  2. No more limitations.

Support Centre:-  Quite good support, You will not have any problem most of the times but if you get they will get in touch to you in 24hrs.

Overall Score:-9/10

Step By Step Guide to buy Ethereum From CEX.IO:-

  1. Go to CEX.IO.
  2. Sign up using your gmail account for fast sign up.
  3. After signing up you will be redirected to homepage of CEX.IO.
  4. Click on the deposit on the right side of the page.How to Buy Ethereum in India
  5. Choose Payment card as your payment method and select Add a new card.How to Buy Ethereum in India
  6. Add your card and click proceed, a small payment will be deducted and credited you have to type the same amount deducted and verify that the card is your’s. - Manage payment cards

7. If there is some problem in adding your card, Here is the complete video guide of adding a card in CEX.IO .

8. Now Add funds to your USD wallet (Your INR will convert automatically to USD).

9.After adding funds Go to your homepage and select ETH and buy as much Ethereum you want to buy in just 1 click.How to Buy Ethereum in India

CEX.IO Fee Structure. Fee Structure

So simply sign up in CEX.IO and start buying Ethereum directly from your debit or credit card. Fee Structure

  • CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit CardPros:-
  1. This website allows you to buy Ethereum worth of $150 with out any registration (anonymously).
  2. No Bugs and lovely UI.
  3. Cheapest rates availabe in the whole market.
  4. No inbuilt wallet which is better if you was going to send to other wallet after purchasing becaus the fee to send to other wallet will be given by coinmama.
  5. They serve in almost 226 countries in which India is included.
  6. Cons:-

  7. No Inbuilt wallet which means you should have a etherum wallet before purchasing and they will send the whole amount to your wallet.
  8. High Fees.

Support centre:- The support is awesome, well having a customer base more than 500,000, support centre is awesome they reply and resolve your problem in 12hrs.

Overall Score:- 8/10

Step By Step Guide to buy Ethereum From Coinmama is available on their official Website.

Here is the Official guide to how to buy Ethereum from Coinmama

Coinmama Fee Structure:-

Simplex, Coinmama’s credit/debit card processor, charges a 5% additional fee (with a minimum cap of 10 USD) on each transaction.

So simply sign up in Coinmama and start buying Ethereum hassle free.


If you are already a Investor and own some BTC or any other crypto Changelly is the website which allows you to exchange 64 cryptocurrency to each other with out any limits.


  1. You can exchange almost any Cyptocurrency to 70 other cryptocurrencies easily.
  2. Supports USDT (tether) which is the most important feature of this exchange and I personally like this.
  3. Exchange fees are so good only 0.5% of the exchanged currency.
  4. You can use Debit/credit cards to buy Bitcoins.(I personally don’t recommend this because of the freaking high exchange USD rates).
  5. If you once register in changelly you can access your all historical transactions, But you can also exchange your currencies anonymously by clicking here.
  6. Accepted world wide.


  1. Not much but the exchange rate hidden in the price of BTC/USD.

Step By Step Guide of Exchanging Your Crypto Through Changelly

  1. Step Up to Changelly homepage.
  2. Select the currency you want to change.

So you want to exchange your BTC to ETH

  •  Enter the exchange amount.
  • Click on exchange.

On the next page exchange rate will appear.

Note:-They can ask you to make a account for email purposes do that.

  • Click on next.
  • Now enter the wallet address where you want your Ethereums.
  • On the next step changelly will show you all the information entered by you don’t be in hurry and crosscheck the info.
  • After confirming click on Confirm and Make Payment.
  • Here you will see the wallet address on which you need to deposit Your desired BTC.
  • Now your headache is over, after 10 -12 minute your funds will be exchanged and transferred to recipients wallet address.
  • Once the exchange is over, you will also receive an email letting you know the transfer happened.
  • Changelly is actually not a website it’s actually a tool that very crypto enthusiastic should use and know how to use. 

 Support centre :- Best support they will resolve your problem in 12hrs. beside having a large customer base of 1 million no issues with Support centre.

Over all Score:-9.7/10

These were the most  preferred and legit ways to buy Ethereum directly from your debit card.
I will keep editing if any new website is launched in India.
Now its your turn to tell me any new website launched or you used in the commencts section I will try and list it in the above websites.
Happy Investing!



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